Home of the Best Grooming Professionals and Dog Grooming Equipment in Baton Rouge

The Royal Treatment is more than just a dog grooming service – it’s a canine salon and spa that goes above and beyond to make your dog feel great inside and out. We believe man’s best friend deserves a little spoiling every now and then.

Each of our groomers has over five years of pet care experience and knows in order to be successful, you have to love dogs and love the art of dog grooming. So if we seem a little crazy, it’s because we have to be. It takes a certain demeanor to keep a steady hand and a calming touch around your furry friends. Sure, it helps that our non-sedation salon uses calming pheromones to put your dogs at ease, but it means nothing without our staff’s experience, our state-of-the-art dog grooming equipment and our love.

The Latest, Safest Dog Grooming Equipment

When it comes to your furry friend, only the best will do. The Royal Treatment only uses safe, high-quality dog grooming equipment throughout our 2,000 square foot facility. Our grooming area features a hydraulic table with a ramp to accommodate pets of any age or ability. So even if your pooch is getting on in dog years, we can make their spa day special and enjoyable.

No need to worry about your pet being cooped up all day – our doggie condos are more like castles than kennels. Complete with two large play areas and a special area where dogs can do their doggie business when nature calls, The Royal Treatment knows how to pamper its dog grooming and bathing clients.

We would love to welcome you into our royal family. Call and make an appointment today to give your dogs the royal treatment they deserve.