Pet Grooming – Our Calming Philosophy

Your dog is part of your family and deserves to be treated like one. At The Royal Treatment, we make every effort to ensure that not only do you get the desired grooms for your dogs, but also that they look and feel their best.

We believe the groomer’s mannerisms and feelings are as important as the dog’s. If we’re calm, your dog will be calm. If we’re kind, your pet will be a little kinder. If we are confident and trust in our pet grooming approach, your dogs will feel more comfortable and trust us during their spa day.

Unfortunately, too many dogs have been mistreated elsewhere during their pet grooming experience. We have had the privilege of changing these dogs’ minds about the groomer by our patience, understanding and kind touch. We cannot promise it will happen in one day, but our handlers are more than willing to work with any dog.

Non-Sedative Pet Grooming

The Royal Treatment is a firm believer in non-sedative pet grooming. At no time will your dog receive drugs while in our facility. Each of our handlers is experienced in using natural techniques to help your dog calm down. We also release a variety of calming pheromones in our salon to aid in the relaxation process. These pheromones act like those received when a puppy is nursing and work naturally to put the dog at ease – and we’ve noticed positive results with this safe and beneficial product.

You would never consent to a sedative just to get a haircut. With our calming pet grooming philosophy, your dog won’t have to, either.

While we cannot promise every dog that enters our doors will submit to this technique, we can promise to make your dog’s spa day the best experience possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our pet grooming services!